Robyn Leimer was born at Hill Air Force base outside of Ogden Utah. She spent many summer vacations with her grandparents at their home in Ogden. She has many precious memories of time spent with her grandparents on their front porch, looking out at the mountains in the distance, enjoying the beauty and splendor of nature. Robyn has always been enthralled by nature. Nature’s delicate perfect lines and symmetry of shapes, as well as the bold bright variations of colors continually capture her eye.


Robyn discovered her love of painting, which began as a hobby and ultimately grew into her life’s joy. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art’s degree from San Jose State University. Robyn is following her passion and is thankful for the opportunity she has to work on her skills in all mediums. Robyn has become an accomplished oil painter. She likes to work from life; it challenges her to concentrate and absorb the information in front of her and to see what others may take for granted. Studying with notable artists in California, she paints portraits, still life’s and landscapes in her studio and on location (plein air).


Robyn enjoys the spontaneity of plein air painting. Starting out with nothing; being able to absorb it all from sight to sound. Capturing the essence from temperature, atmosphere and feelings evoked around her while finding the truth in nature that is constantly changing. Robyn says, “Plein air painting is a pursuit that continues to challenge me and I love it. It is JUST PLEIN FUN!”



San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
B.F.A.-Art with a Minor in Art History